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Jiho Lee



Hey! My name is Jiho and I am a high school junior, based in Eumseong, South Korea, who's dedicated towards advancing the world through music, computational biology, and youth/environmental activisms. Some of my past projects include founding a virtual orchestra, developing a lateral flow immunoassay kit to detect HPV-associated lung adenocarcinoma, and proposing an eco-friendly heating systems insurance policy targeted towards the vulnerable class in Korea. 

Some keywords that represent me:

# Researcher

# Advocator

# Cellist

# Dancer

# Musicophile

Don't be shy! 
I would love to talk with you!


- 충북의 미래를 이끌어 갈 청소년들 | MBC충북 (Mar 2024)

- Youths who will lead the future of North Chungcheong | MBC North Chungcheong

- 음성 대소면 이지호 학생과 팀, ‘2022 국제교류활동 성과공유회’서 여가부장관상 수상 (Dec 2022)

- Jiho Lee from Daeso-myeon and his team wins minister's award at the 2022 international exchange activity report forum.

- 대소면 이지호 학생, 2022 청소년 온라인 교류 여성가족부장관상 수상 (Dec 2022)

- Jiho Lee from Daeso-meyon wins the minister's award for the 2022 youth online exchange program. 

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